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Elegant and in style. Laconic wedding, beautiful interior and wonderful, modest Natalia and Alexey. It was a luxury wedding. Funny and always ready for another contest guests made this wedding unforgettable. Pleasure viewing!

On Christmas Eve we would like to gladden ourselves and children with little fotoshoots. Yes, the photoshoots themselves were not so long, but the work made was enormous. We have bought a great ammount of attributes, the costumes for children and a lot of other stuff. For children and their parents it was like a little rehearsal of the christmas celebrations. The parents came well-dressed and having a christmas mood, the children were changing different costums and playing with toys, though not for such a long time. And of course after the photoshoot we prepared sweet gifts for each child and a personal certificate from Santa Claus! Here I put some of our pictures , actually there are much more of them and to post them all is literally impossible.

The photoshoot of three wonderful girls in one the most important day of their life - saying farewell to school. This happy and at the same time sad day will forever be saved in their memory by this Summer mini-shoot.

The time flies so quickly... The childhood is so fleet. Children change and their parents want to keep in mind every minute of their life, their smiles and happy faces. I will gladly help you to imprint all these precious moments and save them forever. Find some time for a summer photoshoot now in order to look through your album in 10 years with already grown-up daughter or son. We invite those who wish for summer mini-photoshoots «Summer holidays»!  The photoshoots will take place on 22, 23, and 24 of August.

A gift for young marrieds from their parents as a memory about this unforgettable day. Mother of a bride ordered the book from the pictures that were made on the ceremony of a church wedding. It resulted to be quite interesting. I tried to collect as many pictures as I could, made in Church, in the restaurant and on the banquet. Wish you a pleasant viewing.

"I'm with you"... That's the title that I would like to give to this romantic and full of surprises wedding. Sincere and touching bride and groom couldn't leave anyone indefferent. I wish a happy family life to this wonderful couple! Pleasant vewing!

 Svyatik! A charming baby, who buys everybody over by his bouncy and sincere smile! It is impossible to stay indefferent seeing him. He makes smile everyone around him and inspire them with energy and joy. Finally we made such a book as a gift to his mom for a Birthday of her beloved baby, by order of a godmother of Svyatik.

A quiet church wedding in a small and comfy churchlet.  It was very nice and touching ceremony of a couple from Saint-Petersburg. We enjoyed a lot working with them. Elegant, intelligent and delicate couple.